The worst is over!

I’m home! Surgery went well.  They did not find any additional cancer (woo hoo!) and did not have to take my lymph nodes (bigger woo hoo!) which was what I was most anxious about.  I thought I would feel sad about the loss of my boob, but have been nothing but happy since I woke up yesterday evening.  I think the hospital staff thought I was nuts because I was smiling and happy the whole time.  And it wasn’t just because I was high on pain meds, ha ha ha. I was doing my walking loops in the hospital wing at around 11 pm last night thinking about how unbelievably happy I am to be done with the big surgery.  And feeling pretty good.  Sore, yes, but nowhere near what I thought it would be.  Recovery is gonna be a piece of cake! Can’t wait to be back in action.  But, they are telling me I need to rest too, so I’m gonna keep this short today. 🙂

My nurses’ aides:



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